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scenes from a thursday afternoon.

15 July 2010

the heat finally did me in.
i had to cut my long (well, it was really just medium-length, but long for me) hair short again.

so, the wondrous meg squeezed me in to her schedule and chopped my locks into a lovely new do.

which i wanted to share with you.

[i did not intend for that to rhyme].

exhibit a:

but the boy is very curious, and wanted to see what i was up to in my office.

[this is also a picture of my office, you see.
i’m all about the multi-tasking picture].

i got suspicious.

but he just wanted to kiss me.

which is always welcome.

except that then he tickled me.

and took a picture of it.

of course.


sneaky, that one.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    18 July 2010 12:34 am

    Sneaky is good. 🙂

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