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30 before 30.

24 July 2010

one of the blogs i read, making it lovely, created a 30 before 30 list, consisting (as the name obviously implies) of a list of 30 things she wanted to accomplish by the time she turned 30.

i love lists.

but i have a love/hate relationship with goal-oriented lists.  have i discussed this before?  it feels awfully like a well-tread discussion.  the reader’s-digest-condensed-version synopsis of my complex relationship with goal lists is that i feel often like it’s just an opportunity to fail and/or i make unrealistic goals or ones that as it turns out i don’t even care about very much.

and who wants that kind of pressure to muck up the fun of making a list?


i’m being inspired by both making it lovely’s 30 before 30 list and also mighty girl’s mighty life list.  the things i like about these lists:

  • they are specific
  • they mix audacious goals with mundane “i’ll feel so much better once i’ve organized the hall closet” kind of goals.
  • they are modifiable if needed or if wanted
  • i love lists
  • i really love lists

so, in that spirit, i may have allegedly rumored to have started creating a 30 before 30/mighty life list.  maybe.

[how’s that for non-committal?  we’re dipping our toe in the shallow end, here.]

one of the things that i knew promptly had to go on the list is acquiring pieces of jewelry that i love.  i own a few pieces that are in constant rotation, because i look at what i could wear and then immediately discard that for these items that i love lovey love.  as a rule, i think i should only buy things that i absolutely love, and we’re starting with jewelry.

also, i’ve found that i can get away with possibly more casual/simple/modern-lined [read: black, white or grey, which is what my wardrobe mainly consists of] clothes day in and day out if i pair it with awesome shoes and fun jewelry.  i also get compliments from my students, and that’s never a bad thing.  [or is it?  hmmm…]

here are some possible contenders:



[greener grass design, which is quickly moving up the ranks in my books for awesome stuff]

[greener grass design]




*     *     *     *     *

let the listing commence.

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